We’re piloting a ‘shop slowly’ day for anxious shoppers

We’re pleased to announce that we will be piloting a ‘shop slowly’ day next month (August, 2018) to help anyone who needs more time and space to peruse and purchase at their own pace.

The dedicated day on Thursday, August 2 is for anyone with visible, invisible or intellectual disabilities who may find shopping stressful or challenging.

By having a dedicated day we’re hoping to provide a slower paced shopping experience, giving all who need it, as well as their carers and relatives, time to think. Slow shopping is simply for any shopper with additional needs.

We’d like to be as inclusive as possible, so are keen to welcome anyone who may suffer from anxiety when out and about. This might include those with communication or literacy difficulties, the elderly, those suffering with dementia, as well as those who have more visible disabilities.

Shopping is an essential part of our lives and involves important social interaction. Many people find shopping very challenging and we’re hoping by having a dedicated slow day they will feel more comfortable and able to enjoy the social aspect of getting out and about. Till four in our farm shop will be solely for shop slowly customers.

As part of the dedicated day, the team will be more aware of the particular needs of potentially anxious customers and allowing them time and space to shop. More staff will be on hand to assist with heavier items or reaching products on high shelving.

These are things we do offer on a day-to-day basis but by having a dedicated day and joining in with the national Slow Shopping campaign, we’re giving more space, support and time to customers who need it, so they can complete their shopping and we’re also helping raise awareness for the initiative as it’d be wonderful if other shops in Wellington joined in too.

The Slow Shopping Day will take place on Thursday, August 2 from 9am until 5.30pm.

Photograph caption: Customer, Penny Quigley from Cotford St Luke, gets a helping hand from Hazel Betson, Bakery Assistant at Rumwell Farm Shop and Chris O’Connor, Shop Manager at Rumwell Farm Shop, which is piloting a slow shopping day on Thursday, August 2.