Our potato harvest

Potatoes available at Rumwell Farm ShopWe’re busy on our farm with our potato harvest. Here’s what we get up too…

All the greenery that grows above ground and is attached to each potato is removed and then the harvester lifts the potatoes out of the ground.

The spuds then go over an open web and the soil, stones etc fall back onto the field. The potatoes travel up a conveyor belt into the trailer, which is driven alongside the harvester. When the trailer is full it is driven back to the farm and emptied into a big ‘hopper’, the potatoes go over various grading lines and two or three people take off any green or bad potatoes and discard them.

The remaining good potatoes are then fed into one-ton boxes and our forklift driver stacks these boxes in our cold stores. They remain here until they are sold to wholesalers or they travel the short distance to be sold in our farm shop.

We have our own potatoes now in stock here and at the moment you can choose from Maris Piper or Wilja. Marfona and Desiree will be available soon.

Maris Piper are floury and perfect for chipping and roasting.

Meanwhile, Wilja are a light-yellow flesh. They are floury with a slightly dry texture and are suitable for mashing, boiling, chipping and roasting.

Potatoes are such a staple food source all over the world. But did you know that potatoes are naturally fat-free and salt free, and are a great source of fibre, potassium. They are also low in sugar and naturally saturated-fat free too! Celebrate the spud this October.